Human Resources

D. Starr Conaway, Administrative Assistant

Handles areas related to Human Resources; Employment; Benefits Administration; Surveys/Inquiries/Correspondence as assigned by Town Manager; Assistant to Town Manager; Mosquito Control contact person for residents and businesses within Town limits; other duties as assigned.

Job Openings

Crossing Guard

Delmar is seeking a Crossing Guard for the Delmar School District. Monday - Friday from 0710a.m. - 07:50a.m. & 2:45p.m. - 3:10p.m. during the school year. Must provide own transportation. Monthly Salary $355.00 Apply Mon-Fri, 08:30a.m. - 4:00p.m. at Town Hall, 100 S Pennsylvania Ave. Delmar, MD

Police Officer

The Delmar Police Department is currently accepting application for the position of Police Officer. We are the last BI-State Municipal Police Agency in the United States, providing full service to both the citizens of Delmar Maryland and Delmar Delaware. Benefits to include: Medical, Dental, Vision, 13 Paid Holidays, Paid Vacation & Sick Time, Weapons & All Equipment Provided, Rotating Shifts with Every Other Weekend Off, Take Home Vehicle, State and County Pension Plan (retire at 99% of your base salary!). Minimum Requirements: High School Diploma or GED Valid Drivers License 21 Years of Age (at time of Academy Graduation) U.S. Citizen or Naturalized Citizen Vision Correctable to 20/20 No Felony Convictions Job Description/General Duties: • The Police Officer reports for duty before scheduled tour begins. Examples of duties, functions and responsibilities would include: 1. Maintain issued uniform and all equipment both personal and departmental. 2. Checks Departmental patrol vehicle for operational readiness as well as for contraband/weapons and or unauthorized items. 3. Patrols an assigned area during tour of duty, being constantly on the alert for criminal activity. 4. Responds to motor vehicle violations and any request for assistance from the public. 5. Issues uniform complaint citations as required. 6. Issues warnings (includes ERO) as required. 7. Issues parking citations as required. 8. Utilizes preventative patrol and crime prevention techniques to include recording suspect information, criminal/vehicle activity. 9. During tours of duty, make business checks of those establishments as a preventative approach as well as to instill good public relations. 10. Enforces the ordinances and laws of the Town of Delmar, the States of Delaware, Maryland and federal laws where applicable. 11. Utilizes foot, bicycle and motorized patrol. 12. Performs preventative patrol of businesses and vacant dwellings, during the time that they are unoccupied or not open. 13. Responds to all calls for service dispatched from the PCO. 14. Is responsible for the investigation of the complaints as assigned. 15. Is required to make written or computer data entry reports on criminal activities or traffic related incidents as required by Department policy. 16. Will investigate all traffic related incidents, to include motor vehicle accidents, disabled vehicles and parking related problems. Operates speed measurement devices. 17. Is responsible for the service of all court documents that are scheduled for service in the respective patrol sector. 18. Is responsible for the efficient flow of traffic by manual direction on an as-needed basis. 19. Is required to appear as a witness in all court cases, juvenile proceedings, Attorney General and States Attorney conferences or any other court proceedings as prescribed by summons. 20. Will provide escorts on an on-call basis, including businesses and spousal assaults. 21. Will provide assistance to other officers of this Department and allied agencies as assigned. 22. Is expected to respond accordingly to mentally disturbed persons to include preparing emergency petitions and transportation of same to appropriate facilities. 23. Will respond to and investigate missing person's reports including the completion of the report and subsequent follow-up investigations. 24. Will on an as-needed basis be a part of a special assignment such as parades, outer perimeter security, searches for persons, evidence, etc. 25. Is expected to transport, process, do all supplemental paperwork and relay to various Courts and/or the Detention Centers all subjects arrested. 26. In addition to the above, this employee is required to: Be at work on time. • Be available for work. • Give a full day's work. • Be positive in response to directions. • Learn present and new jobs. • Adjust to changes. • Get along with others. • Know and follow rules. • Be physically and mentally fit for normal duty. SALARY Salary ranges from $46,009.60 to $53,268.80 compensatory to experience. Our application can be found on

Part Time Police Communications Officer

The Delmar Police Department is accepting applications for a part time Police Communications Officer. The application period is open (no closing date). Individuals must be flexible, with shifts during the day, evening and midnight. Applicants must: • Be a U.S. citizen. • Have a high school diploma or approved GED. • Pass extensive background check that includes a drug test, criminal history review, check of prior employers, and references among other requirements. • Must be able to prioritize and multi-task with attention to detail, especially during extremely demanding situations. • Must be able to effectively communicate and maintain working relationships with staff and members of the public. • Must maintain the highest level of confidentiality and have knowledge of the Town's boundaries, addresses, and business locations. • Must be able to successfully complete an entry-level MILES/NCIC logon course certified by CJIS. • Experience in radio communications or prior dispatch center experience or equivalent training, education and/or experience preferred. For more information, please visit their website at: or contact the Delmar Police Department at 410-896-3131. Letters of interest and resumes may be submitted vis US Mail or email. US Mail Address: 102 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Delmar, MD 21875. Email: Delmar Police Department Contact No.: 410-896-3131