Delmar Utility Commission


The Delmar Utility Commission, hereafter referred as Commission, is a joint venture of the Mayor & Commissioners of Delmar, MD and the Mayor & Council of Delmar, DE. The Commission is comprised of representatives from both elected bodies and a resident member from each town. As a separate legal entity and enterprise fund, the Commission has separate financial reporting from the Town of Delmar.
The Commission provides water and sewer service to residential and commercial properties in and limited area outside the Town incorporate boundaries of Delmar. Providing quality drinking water, promoting water conservation, managing wastewater collection/treatment and establishing an equitable service fee structure are the major goals of the Commission. As the Commission monitors and controls expenses, they also must comply with state mandates such as fluoride in water and sewer emission limits. As a growing community, we are also presented with the task of increasing services through efficient and prudent use of available resources.