Public Works


Street Maintenance

Streets includes streets, avenues, boulevards, alley and other public way dedicated to public use and maintained for general vehicular travel with our municipal corporate boundaries. The Town of Delmar reconstructs, repairs and preserves our streets through paving, repaving, grading and drainage,purchases and installs street identification signs, removal of snow and ice and laying of materials for traction. We also provide a monthly street sweeping to provide additional maintenance to the streets. The first week of each month on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday will be Delmar, Maryland's street sweeping days. The second week of each month on Thursday and Friday will be Delmar, Delaware's street sweeping days.
Week 1 - Tuesday:
E. East St., E. Elizabeth St., E. Chestnut St., E. Pine St., E. Walnut St., S. Penn. Ave., 1st & 2nd St., 4th & 7th St., Bi-State Blvd. (from State St. to E. East St.)
Week 1 - Wednesday:
Md. Ave., W. East St., W. Elizabeth St., W. Pine St., W. Walnut St., State St.
Week 1 - Friday:
Wood Creek, Breckenridge, Winner Blvd, Amber Ridge
Week 2 - Thursday:
Lincoln Ave., 8th, 9th & 10th St., Delaware Ave., E. Jewell St., E. Grove St., 1st & 2nd St., 4th & 5th St., 6th & 7th St., Jones Terrace, Hantwerker Dr., Ellis Parkway, Bi-State Blvd.
Week 2 - Friday:
W. Jewell St., N. Memorial Dr., Bynum Lane N., Maryland Ave., W. Grove St., 12th St., Thornton Blvd., Gerald Court