Can I pay my utility bill on line?

Yes! You visit the Town of Delmar website, www.townofdelmar.us, and there is a payment link available. Just follow the instructions to submit your payment to your account. We will receive your payment the following business day.

Why is my utility bill higher than normal?

Our billing is based upon usage. Consequently, if a leak has occurred such as a broken pipe, dripping sinks or showers, and/or a running toilet this would create an increase of usage thus your bill will be higher. Also, if you have had a change of family status this would also create your bill to increase. The Town of Delmar has replaced 98% of all meters within Town. The new meters have the ability to detect a leak as well provide detail reports of usage if you have any concerns about your increase of usage.


When is trash pickup?

Delmar, MD trash pickup day is Thursday. Delmar, DE trash pickup day is Tuesday and recycling occurs every other Friday.

Is there separate departments for the Delmar, MD side and the Delmar, DE side?

No. There is one Public Works Dept., Police Dept. as well as one Town Hall. All our departments take care of both sides of Town. We are knowledgeable and adhere to both states laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Can I attend Town Hall meetings?

Yes. We encourage our Town residents to attend our meetings. This gives a better understanding of the many facets of the Town government. At the end of every meeting there is a time provided for Public Comments. Also, if you ever which to be placed on an agenda just contact our Clerk of Council for assistance.

Do I need Building Permits:

For a shed, deck, garage and pools?

Yes, it would fall under the Accessory Building Permit Application.

For additions, alterations and repairs?

Yes, it would be a Residential Building Permit Application.

For fencing in yards?

Yes, it would be a Fence Permit Application.

For signs?

Yes, even if it is a replacement of existing sign and it would be a Sign Permit Application.