Mayor - DE

Michael Houlihan - Mayor, DE

My name is Michael Houlihan and I am the Mayor of Delmar, Delaware.
I have proudly served eight years in this role and I have been on the Town council for twenty-two years. I moved here in 1994 and was appointed to the council in 1996. I have served as the Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission and numerous other committees and boards.
Our Town has seen great growth in our commercial and residential areas. We take pride in our schools, our civic and fraternal organizations and our religious institutions. Our Town provides a wonderful place to live, work, and to raise a family. Our Town and community support is a true value that expresses our identity.
We are Delmar and we know what and who we are. Please come and visit us and truly see what the "Little Town Too Big For One State" has to offer.

Delmar DE Charter