Business Licenses & Miscellaneous Billing

Donna Legacy, Assistant Municipal Clerk
Compiles cash receipts on a daily basis for reconciliation and deposit records. Performs miscellaneous billing processing duties such as Business Licenses, Force Accounts, Personal Property Tax and Request of Services; uploads the information received in miscellaneous billing software system; reviews information received and performs data entry to ensure accurate billings; generates and prints via computer system; tracks and maintains records of all paper documentation received and produced by billing software system. On a monthly basis audits all outstanding invoices. Creates purchase orders. Administers and manages special projects that are being assigned by Municipal Clerk, Chief Financial Officer and/or Town Manager.
Supports the primary respondent of incoming calls and visitors at Town Hall; assists with questions rendered or directs them to the correct Town employee or department. Processes payments received for miscellaneous billings, taxes and/or utilities.