Town Manager

Jeff Fleetwood

Welcome to the official website of the Town of Delmar. We hope you find our website both informative and useful. As your Town Manager, please know that I am committed to providing the most efficient services for you as a resident of our Town. On our web page you will find department-specific information and contact information. If you find you have questions and/or concerns that are not addressed by the appropriate department, feel free to email the Town Manager’s office ( or call 410-896-2777/302-846-2664.
I would like to emphasize that all employees of the Town of Delmar are public servants. We are proud to serve the citizens of Delmar. All employees are charged to do our best to be responsive, efficient and forward thinkers. Our combined efforts lead to our success. We are Delmar Proud and Delmar Strong.
By working together and having respect for all residents and visitors we can and will move forward. Our Town motto is, “Little Town Too Big For One State”. We ALL look forward to positive encounters and success. By following the ideals of respect this will lead to a stronger community.
We all want the very best as you become a part of our family or for the current citizens to know that we are all on the same team.