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Mosquito Control

Warmer temperatures have arrived and we are seeing our pesky friends, the mosquitoes. The Town of Delmar has contracts with both Delaware Mosquito Control and Wicomico County Mosquito Control. Both agencies have been contracted to monitor and control mosquito infestation within the town limits of Delmar. While we are taking every precaution possible to prevent mosquito infestation, there may still be times when additional spraying is needed. If you notice an increase in mosquito population, please contact Starr Conaway, CMC at Delmar Town Hall, 302-846-2664 or 410-896-2777, ext. 101. Please have the following information available: - Is there any standing water on the property in question? - Are the mosquitoes biting during the day or in the evening? - How long have you noticed that the mosquitoes are biting? It is virtually impossible to completely rid the Town of all mosquitoes, so here are a few things to consider. Residents are encouraged to remove any unnecessary water holding containers and should report any suspected or known mosquito breeding areas to our office. Here are a few tips to help eliminate common backyard mosquito breeding: - Clean and filter swimming pools - Cover or drain open boats - Clear clogged rain gutters - Fix broken window and door screens - Stock ponds with mosquito larva eating fish - Tip anything that can hold water for more than a few days - Recycle used tires - Fix leaky watering equipment - Flush and refill birdbaths one time per week - Fill in holes in yard where water puddles To help protect you from mosquito bites: - Wear long, loose and light-colored clothing - Use insect repellent with no more than 35 percent DEET for adults and less than 10 percent for children - Avoid fragrances in soaps, shampoos, and lotions - Citronella candles and be useful when you are outdoors during peak biting times - Skedaddle and Avon's Skin So Soft both work well for some kids. Neither these nor the stronger repellents stop mosquitoes from landing -- only from biting - Use Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets--just wipe on and go. This is great for babies - Mosquitoes love bananas! There is something about how your body processes the banana oil that attracts these female sugar-loving insects - One of the best natural insect repellents is Vick's Vaporub® - Planting marigolds around your yard works great as a bug repellent because the flowers give off a fragrance bugs do not like - Campers agree that the very best mosquito repellant is Avon Skin-So-Soft® bath oil mixed half and half with rubbing alcohol