Town of Delmar Elected Officials

Representatives from Delaware
Official's Name Office Held Term Expiration
Michael Houlihan Mayor 2018
Mary Lee Pase Vice-Mayor 2018
Gregory Smith Council Member 2018
William Boyan Council Member 2020
Marshal Holmes Council Member 2020
Representatives from Maryland
Official's Name Office Held Term Expiration
Karen Wells Mayor 2019
Lloyd Unsell, Jr Deputy Mayor 2019
Donald Scholl Commissioner 2021
Torlondo Tucker Commissioner 2021

Town Manager: Sara Bynum-King

All correspondence for Elected Officials and Town Manager should be mailed to:
The Town of Delmar
100 S. Pennsylvania Avenue Delmar, MD 21875

Maryland 410.896.2777   Delaware 302.846.2664   Fax 410.896.9055